Sunday Talks

Archie Coates

Advent is a great time to do a little personal examination of our life with God. Archie gives top tips as to how we can each make progress at whatever stage of life we are at.

Archie Coates & Liz Morray

Hear how God’s Vision, Provision and Goodness for our lives is greater than we imagine.

Steve Burston

As we journey through the woman with bleeding - we see how shame - isolates and crushes us - and how if she we seek Jesus - he can always see us and gives us our true identity as his daughter or son, where all things are possible.

James Stinson

Exploring how we can surrender to Jesus and that His unconditional love is greater then we can ever imagine. 

Ewan Hyde, Indi Smith, Liz Morray

Three guest speakers share on the feeding of the five thousand.

Jonny Gumbel

How to be yourself in a world of pretence and self-delusion.

Archie Coates

How we can help others have unshakeable faith, by being positive, proactive and purposeful


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