One way to connect into the life of St Peter's is to join a Team. Our Teams exist to bring together skills and interests, build community and explore further into the purposes of God for our city and beyond.

Joining a Team is one way of immersing yourself in the life of St Peter's. We’d love for you to join!


Alpha is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith. As a team we want to make this the most welcoming, friendly and fun place to be. There are many ways to be involved including setting up, welcoming, helping in a group, serving food.


We want to enable everyone to care for those in need in our local community, by giving as much or as little as they can, emotionally, practically, socially and spiritually. Among other things we run Safehaven and the Night Shelter.

Tots & Toddlers

An amazing time for parents and toddlers to feel a part of the community in a fun, vibrant and activity packed morning. You don’t have to have a toddler to be able to help: in fact sometimes a toddler-free pair of arms is exactly what is needed.


We want to see children and young people coming to understand how much they are known and loved by God. Sunday groups are a great opportunity to explore the Bible, make friends and establish the church as a place to call home. With groups ranging from babies to young teenagers, we would value your help and energy in inspiring the new generation.


Whether it is at church on Sunday, hanging out at the Youth Cafe or at a Youth Night, we need your energy and commitment in supporting our young people and the friends that they bring to St Peter's. Come prepared to play games, investigate the Bible and have a lot of fun.


Students at St Peter’s is a great place feel at home, hang out, meet new friends and have some fun. We get involved in all areas of church life and eat lots of food in the meantime. If you have a heart for welcoming new people into the church and to our city, then come and get involved.

Family Life & Relationships

We would love to see the tide turning on family life breakdown in Brighton. This Team runs and resources a number of courses that reach out to families and individuals across the city, providing help in navigating the changes and challenges that life presents.

Bright City

With authentic and brave creativity, we want to see our church, our city and our world come alive through worshipping Jesus. We run creative streams for all artists who share our vision– musicians, songwriters, sound and visual engineers, photographers, and dancers.

Media Team

Existing in the heart of this creative city, we want to explore God’s calling on us through skills that cross media platforms. We are calling filmmakers, designers, photographers and those who work across web and social media to join us.

To get involved please contact us at Teams.


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